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Sharing is Good Habit for Good People


Sharing is Good Habit - When our baby is playing and then mastering a toy and not allowing friends to touch it, suddenly the game is no longer fun. The children stopped playing.

When parents see children acting like this, it is necessary to direct them so that children learn and enjoy sharing. Sharing is believed to have a positive influence on the development of the social-interpersonal aspects of children.

The habit of sharing not only benefits children but also others. Children will recognize a sense of empathy and care for others. Not only that, sharing also teaches the value of togetherness. The social development of the child will grow well and will have more good friends.

Conversely, allowing children to be indifferent and ignore others will lead to growing selfish attitudes in children. Children will always want to win alone.

Of course, this should not be allowed, considering that children need to have a good social attitude from an early age. Quoted from the Ministry of Education and Culture's Friends of the Family page, here are some tips for fostering a sharing attitude with children:

1. Create a sharing atmosphere

Parents should invite children to participate in activities with friends while playing. Parents can bring some toys and invite other children in the immediate environment. 

Playing together encourages children to interact with other friends so that children can easily communicate. In this way, an attitude of sharing arises as interactions in simple games.

Within the family, for example, when eating together, interactions can also be applied shown by sharing. "Here are two loaves, give one to you, okay?" This will make the sharing experience fun for the child.

2. Play with children

It is advisable for parents to spend time as much as possible to be able to play with their children.  Children are usually better at playing when adults are there, including when disputes arise.  

Parents should be enough to be mediators in solving problems when children have difficulty sharing. Don't defend or offend any of the children. This will make children actually selfish.

3. Invited to exchange toys

"Now, try to change the toy. It must be fun." 

Parents can use these sentences to teach children to want to share. We can also give the option of dividing the playing time fairly.

"The time is five minutes, okay? Then you will take turns exchanging toys with her friends." 

This will allow children to understand the sharing of other friends. The attitude of sharing will grow as a provision for maturity. By teaching sharing, children can learn sincerity so that it will make them comfortable and happy. The child will understand that he is a social being whose existence also needs other people.

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