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How Your Social life is making you Happy?

How Your Social life is making you Happy? - Believe it or not, you cannot live alone. We live in a digital world and we connect through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. The more followers we have and the more popular we are, the more confidence we will have. 

This does not mean that we should ignore our personal life or make it public. Connecting with the social circle increases our awareness and opens avenues for career opportunities. Teens can be seen to spread via auto-clicks on Facebook and Instagram and search for great likes. 

They feel that it is a pride to receive more praise. This phenomenon is believed to be due to movie life or celebrity style. It can be seen that young people follow Bollywood fashion trends and implement this trend in their personal lives. There is nothing wrong with changing your personality in the right direction.

Here, social life depends on the relationship between you and your family, neighbors, colleagues and friends with whom you establish contact directly or through social media platforms. Does your social life is making you happy?

This question revolves around everyone having different perspectives and scenarios. Here, we will discuss some key points that highlight the positive aspects of building social relationships: 

You are not alone:

Who else wants to live alone? Maybe no one. Loneliness is the worst enemy that causes negativity, stress, depression, addiction, alcoholism, etc. A lonely person seems to drink a lot, drink tea, or smoke. Thanks to your social life, you are not alone because you can talk to others or share your inner feelings. 

Self-esteem or recognition:

We are glad that our dress congratulates us. We are very happy to receive the blessing of success. After a hard day, we appreciate the gossip. More similar posts on Facebook and Instagram Post encourage us to post more. All of this makes us feel proud and come home happy.

Professional growth:

Social life helps us explore opportunities for professional growth. Word of mouth advice helps you get business opportunities and fill vacancies. Well, if the connection is based on an unconditional relationship, they are always useful. 

Wide horizons:

There is no doubt that meeting new friends and exchanging life experiences in our lives helps us broaden our thinking and horizons. There was a time when women were confined to the home, it was social life that expanded the concept of male society, today it is thought that men and women are equal. Each one has its own story, some encourage us, others make us cry, others make us laugh, but in the end, it adds to the experience. 

Improved lifestyle:

No one is born with an outstanding personality. Our health and physical condition depend on the environment around us. Whether you want to play games, jog, or watch a movie at the theater, having a partner will motivate you to enjoy activities that enhance your lifestyle.


Social life should not affect the individual or the family or my time. Usually, people will find that the hours from home to office are boring and vice versa. Professional women can be found to be busy cooking, working in the office, dealing with children and family chaos. 

Married people are supposed to be ignorant of social life, especially married women. This is the reason for his premature illness and low productivity. Singleness, mixed race, or marriage must not affect social life! ! Time to have some fun with them! ! We must meet with different people, we must interact with them, but we must not be negatively affected. Remember, social life is what makes us strong, happy and healthy, don't let it destroy us. 

Don't just reach out to people out of kindness, but reach out to people in society to have fun and learn more. There are even studies that show that people who are actively involved in social activities are happier and more goal-oriented. Enrich family life and enjoy social life. good luck ! !

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