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How to Enjoy Life as a Teenager who Loved Parents


How to Enjoy Life as a Teenager who Loved Parents - The life of teenagers is quite dramatic, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy documentary life in these years. Even if you have melodramas every day, if you know how to deal with complications, life as a teenager is not difficult.

I know exactly how you feel. Life in adolescence can be very difficult because you are no longer a child and you are smart enough to observe and analyze the environment around you, but you are not yet an adult, because you still need a lot of life experience and lessons that you need to learn from these learning experiences.

Most importantly, hormone imbalance in your body can really mess with you in emotion. I have been there. I explored everything in five years! I don't say life after the teenage will be smooth, you suddenly revealed by God's life.

We are trying to avoid making mistakes or getting hurt, while also trying to make sense of life and deal with situations where we are not mature enough to face even naive ignorance. I told you, I've been there.

It has been almost three years since I turned 19 and I trusted myself, even if you are 20 years old, you will not be like an adult. But looking back, I will tell you what to enjoy in every experience in life. Let this be your little guide to enjoying the life of a teenager.

Dealing with Life

When I was a teenager, I ran into a big problem completing trivial tasks on time. At that point, all I had to do was complete my homework, study the upcoming tests, and clean the room! Now I have many things to do. Cooking, cleaning, working and exercising, while balancing all relationships related to work, family and friends.

Life has become so much easier because I finished all the work on time, so there is enough space in my schedule to relax my hair and enjoy it. You know, half of the problems that come up in adolescence are because we hate doing things.

We'd rather have fun than sit around and do our homework. That is why your life is full of drama. Your parents didn't want you to have dinner with your friends because you didn't clean the room, or your teacher threatened to accept this principle because you hadn't finished your homework at the time.

Also, once you return home or school, you will feel the guilt and pressure of facing and completing unfinished household tasks.

Dealing with Self Criticism

When you make a mistake, narrow down some of your deficiencies. Even if everyone thinks that teenagers are a group of rebels who do not care about anything, in fact, it is the opposite. Well, maybe not the rebellion part. Yet he goes back to bed every night, scolding himself for acting wrong, and blaming himself for not knowing the right path.

In fact, you have tried to act correctly for most of his adolescence and, in the end, you are not enjoying life as a teenager the way you should. If you don't make mistakes, you won't learn.

When you make a mistake, forgive yourself and move on. Accept your mistakes. Do not repeat, because there is not enough time to be wrong. You can also learn from other mistakes, which can save you time doing your own thing.

To be honest, most of teenager have spent these years regretting things rather than experiences. Don't keep trying to get it right, because your opinions are very different from those of others (especially adults), and you will end up being even more dissatisfied with yourself.

Handling Romantic Relationship

All teens are dating someone romantically at this age. It is possible that you are in love with someone or that you are dating someone.

Love confuses the inverted equations in life. It may be that you spent hours fantasizing about your own sweets, or just chatting with your friends, trying to understand why your girlfriend / boyfriend was behaving in their own way. Interpersonal relationships require a lot of work and are one of the most stressful reasons for young people.

Do not lose your head with them, because now you are too naive and you still understand the feeling of anguish. There really is no point breaking up. But meeting new people.

The world is full of potential love interests and one day you will meet the right person. In your relationships, avoid thinking ahead and focus on the present until your age can settle in.

However, do not engage in harmful behaviors. Also, don't let your love life affect your grades, because it's 10 years faster than breaking up. It will hurt to know that you can do better academically, but you didn't try.

Parent! Parent! Parent!

About 7 years ago, your favorite person suddenly seems to be half of your pressure in your life, even if you still love them.

They just suffocate all the rules. In parent bonds, the negative attitude toward each other can destroy what the nearest relationship in your life should be. When you are so eager to open your wings and fly high, most young people have just grabbed their parents, and their parents flexibly with them.

What you really have forgot is that your parents are also teenagers and have experienced the hardships of this phase. Now, they are doing any mother bear, protecting the baby from unnecessary pain.

I agree that they can sometimes rigid, give you a tough time, but you need to win their trust and belief. Talking to them and involves their life is one of the first steps to establish a healthy relationship with your parents.

Just do their foundation for your expectations; good behavior, good results and cleaning. They will definitely talk about some requirements, so you can enjoy the life of the teenager. And facing it, if you have encountered the harmful time of aggression and rebellion, don't use a box of chocolate to find you.

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