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Deval Patrick Blogs on Health Care


Deval Patrick Blogs on Health Care - The always informative Blog, Left In Lowell, did an interview with Deval Patrick, Democratic Candidate for Governor. Here’s what he had to say about health care:

LYNNE: So you’ve talked about health care as a centerpiece of your campaign and your most ambitious proposal, and a lot of people are wondering: how will you succeed where others have failed before you?

PATRICK: Well, you know, the fact that people have failed before me is a factor but it can’t be that we’re at this position today in politics where if it hasn’t been achieved before, it can’t be achieved in the future. The point is, that everybody, whether you have insurance or not, whether you are an employee or employer, whether you’re a doctor, an HMO, a hospital, everybody agrees that the system we have is not working well. And to me, that is an opening for leadership because all of the stakeholders have a reason to come to the table. They don’t have the same reason necessarily, but they have a reason to come to the table. And I think with the right leadership, we can drive through to a result that works for everyone.

Of the proposals that are out there, there are three, you probably know. The governor has a proposal, the Senate president has a proposal, and then there’s a proposal from Health Care for All. Those are, I’d say, the most developed, the most concrete ideas that are on the table. I do think that the destination of health care for everyone is important. Even if we can’t get there in one step. The most ambitious of the proposals is the one that appeals to me the most, which is the Health Care for All proposal. I’m studying them all but I’m focusing on that one.

So many writings about Deval Patrick Blogs on Health Care, hopefully it can benefit us all, greetings Pororomo stay healthy and live the routine as usual.

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