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Healthy recipe with shrimp for your diet program


Healthy recipe with shrimp for your diet program | Shrimp is one of the favorite seafood of many people. The taste of shrimp is delicious, chewy, and soft in the mouth, making everyone always addicted. Besides its delicious taste, shrimp is also very nutritious to make the healthy recipe with shrimp, you know. Shrimp is rich in omega-three fatty acids, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and low-fat protein.

However, excessive shrimp consumption is not recommended for people with high cholesterol. For the shrimp to be healthier and tastier when eaten, make sure the shrimp are processed clean.

Before cooking or storing it in the freezer, clean the shrimp until they are spotless. Shrimp that are not cleaned properly can be poisonous to anyone who eats them. If you want to cook shrimp without the skin and head, remove them when cleaning shrimp.

Separate the head of the shrimp, peel the skin until one segment above the tail. After peeling it, clean any dirt inside the shrimp. Cut the shrimp back along the body, then remove the dirt that looks like a black rope. Rinse with water until clean. Shrimp can be cooked immediately or stored in the freezer first.

Recognize the characteristics of lousy shrimp, such as a foul odour and mucus. If you find shrimp in this condition, you shouldn't buy it. Also, avoid buying shrimp whose bodies have black spots. These spots are a sign of oxidation that indicates the shrimp is no longer fresh.

Reduce fishy smell in shrimp

One of the drawbacks of seafood such as shrimp is its powerful fishy smell. If not removed, the fishy smell of shrimp will continue until the dish is cooked. How to get rid of the fishy smell in shrimp is very simple.

Stir the shrimp with lime juice after washing it clean. Just enough, don't need too much because it can make the meat tart. Also, always clean the shrimp under running water to make it easier for the fish to smell.

How to cook the healthy shrimp

Cook the shrimp should be on low heat with not too much oil. Just a few drops, don't let the shrimp drown. Cook the prawns for only 2 to 4 minutes, not exceeding that time limit. Shrimp are overcooked, the meat will turn tough.

You can store the shrimp in the freezer for later cooking. Shrimp that has been cleaned and put in the freezer can last up to 1 week, you know. Make sure you store the clean shrimp in an airtight container, then sprinkle with a pinch of salt. If you have prepared the seasonings, storing the shrimp with the spices will make the shrimp taste even more delicious.

A healthy recipe with shrimp for the diet program is always synonymous with less delicious taste because it doesn't use many spices in the cooking process. But that assumption will disappear instantly if you try the following three dish recipes. You can still enjoy seafood dishes that are rich in flavour, but on the other hand, your diet program will not fail. Come on, take a peek!

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