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Detoxification Using Apple Juice and Lemon Juice as Healthy Recipes


Detoxification Using Apple Juice and Lemon Juice as Healthy Recipes | In recent time, many people began wanting to take advantage of healthy recipes in detoxification. Detoxification is the process of metabolism to remove toxins, dirt, or other foreign substances to be harmful and stored in the body. Detoxification can be done in various ways. One of them is to utilize the fruit in the form of fresh fruit or to process them into fresh juices and healthy.

Many people are interested in doing detoxification using fruit because this way the most safe, fun, and easy. Menu juice are used as ingredients for detoxification can vary so you will enjoy all the process of removing toxins and impurities are more fun.

In processing fresh fruit in juice healthy recipes, you should understand that the material of fruit or vegetable juice just taken while the fruit pulp discarded because it is not utilized. It is slightly differentiate between detox juice and other healthy juices. One of the detox juice recipes that you can take advantage is apple and lemon juice.

Materials needed to make this juice include 500 grams of apples and one whole lemon squeezed the water. Apples that have been washed puts into a juice extractor and processed so that the juice out. Then, the apple juice can be added with lemon juice and mix evenly. You can drink the juice detox as soon as it is ready.

To optimize the detoxification process by using fruit juice, you should reduce or avoid various junk food and fizzy drinks. In addition, you should increase water consumption. You should also consume water or food another 30 minutes after drinking the detox juice to make the absorption of enzymes can run optimally.

In the process of making juice detox, you should not use additional water so you can optimize the efficacy of detoxifying juice as an ingredient. If you do not have the juice extractor, you can scrape the juice then filter material. You can do a detoxification by using healthy recipes for three days on a regular basis.

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